The Company together with the Office of Non-Formal Education Project, Lampang have continued social activities by strengthening communities into a community of learning through ICT community learning centers, to drive new activities and learning processes by which the community has ideas of what the community truly wants to learn. In the past year, the Company has provided training, learning and Internet applications for group leaders, to connect to the Internet, which can be used to improve the quality of life, such as how to help research information for professionals, professional development, health care and making advanced web templates for displaying information for youth and community news. The company has previously donated computers and scholarships, with the introduction of computers to the community, previously as a starting point to learn more.
The Company recognizes that training to be skilled in learning, is most important to enable communities to develop ongoing and sustainable action; therefore, it is the wish to enhance the community continuously for a period of more than five years.
Building communities into a community of learning ICT