When using the Internet, literacy is very important for all Internet users. The Internet is not just a learning resource for entertainment, but is also a source of much data collection, which unfortunately includes an online threat full of deceit. The company is well aware of hidden dangers on the Internet in its’ various forms and hopes that Thai youth uses the Internet wisely and isn’t fooled into deceitful plots carried out in various ways. Hence, SMART CLICK guide has been prepared to increase the learning potential of young people in Thailand, to know how to use the Internet safely. This handbook will provide additional capacity for Thai youth learning to use the internet and introducing them to the Open Learning of the Internet for parents and children. The Company has prepared and distributed this guide to agencies, organizations and educational institutes free of charge, every year, to help promote the safe use of the Internet by Thai youth and Thai society in general.
Open-dimensional online world of learning to think before you click “SMART CLICK” Guide