Enterprise Cloud

Cloud Computing is a new paradigm shift in modern information technology that accelerates information consumption and development and put away the limits of locations, time, format and end-user devices.
The development of such technology is in-line with the expansion of the number of people using smart phone and tablet to access the content and services including ‘Smart Lifestyles’ need. Furthermore, cloud computing enable flexibility of the system to expand and shrink the resources based on actual demands so resources could be more efficiently used.
Enterprise Cloud
Enterprise Cloud is a high performance virtual computer system that supports simultaneous running of several Operation systems and Applications on a physical hardware while keeping resources, such as vCPU, RAM and Storage for each virtual computer independently.
Core Service Features :
Cloud computing enables user to use the shared resources, while still be able to manage the system independently as if owning an individual server.
Virtualization is playing an important role as it helps reduce the number of physical servers and utilizes them more efficiently by sharing physical system resources among virtual computers. With virtual computer system, user can scale each virtual hardware to fit to the needs for each project.
Cloud computing is an orchestration of many aspects, such as
  1. International standard data center
  2. Data center under the secure environment
  3. Large-scale computing and network infrastructure
  4. Intelligent virtualized computer system integration and service management
  5. Each virtual server can have their own vCPU, RAM and storage configured to meet the requirement and is highly flexible to support rapid system upgrade or configuration changes
  6. Business continuity planning and crisis management which guarantees high system availability
  7. ISO/IEC 20000 (IT Service Management System), ISO/IEC 27001 (Information Security Management) ISO9001 (Quality Management System) and CSA-STAR Certification Compliance
  8. Experienced Engineer overseeing the system around the clock
CSL offers a comprehensive range of services in which many of them have been built on cloud computing and virtualized systems, which increases overall efficiency and reduces the risk of system interruption due to hardware or network failure. And also enable systems to be expanded on-demand at near-zero downtime. So users can be sure that CSL services are built to support their business growth.