DR Site (Disaster Recovery Site)

Disaster Recovery Site (DR Site) is suitable for businesses which need alternate office space for emergency situation where main office space is not accessible or has severe outage which cause major system and facility unavailable
CS Loxinfo DRC provides convenient office space, furniture and facilities like High-speed Internet connection, telephone and computers. Rental can be dedicated or occasional.
For yearly dedicated rooms, customers may has their own eqiupments and systems installed or stored in your dedicated room and can instantly operate when in need.
For Temporary DRC service, customers can notify CSL for DRC setup. CSL will prepares the facility and configuration then notify customers to move in.
Basic Facilities
  • High Speed Internet connect to every working room, direct connection to the servers in CSL is also available
  • Office-equipment
  • Air conditioning system
  • Telephone system both direct line and PABX
  • Security system for 24 hours with CCTV recording (90 days)
  • Entry access control with proximity card, and security officers 24 hours
  • Parking car

Disaster-Recovery Site1 (DRC Site) , DR Site
Disaster-Recovery Site2 (DRC Site), DR Site
Disaster-Recovery Site3 (DRC Site), DR Site
Disaster-Recovery Site4 (DRC Site), DR Site
Disaster-Recovery Site5 (DRC Site), DR Site