DR as a Service

Disaster Recovery (DR) now is necessary for your business especially when unpredictable situation occur such disaster. The business should not stop operating so DR is a solution for your business. The system will be recovered disrupted IT systems and networks from any disaster. Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) is an option makes your business keep operate confidently. CSL uses Veeam license to connect between main site which is at CSL or customer’s site and DR site.
CSL provides resource for DR service and testing that is the regulation of all companies to test DR site yearly. Ne extra charge for DR test.
DR as a Service by CS LOXINFO
Reasons : Why DRaaS Is Important
  • Reduce downtime for recovery
  • High efficiency management and recovery for DR solution
  • Help you limit the liability of data loss
  • IT resources spend on DR
  • Scalable size & controllable cost
Benefits of DR as a Service with CSL
  • Rapid recovery over private internet
  • Flexible disaster recovery options on your demand
  • Simple disaster recovery management
  • 24 hours support and monitoring by technical engineer
  • Meet international standard; ISO certificate
DR as a Service by CS LOXINFO
CSL can give you advice and design DR solution for your business within budget to recover system from disaster rapidly with less data loss. Our DRaaS is managed and supported by engineer team with over 20 years experience. For more information, please contact presales@csl.co.th