Have your own servers and equipments and need rack space rental and good Internet connectivity? Host your servers and equipments on our nine data centers with plenty of rack space and international standard facilities. Electrical, environmental, security systems and network connectivity all designed for high-availability and redundancy. Suitable for businesses with own equipments which is flexibly managed by themselves.
Fully Customized space for The Cloud Data Center
Flexible Data Center solution, redundant electrical and environmental control. From partial rack to full rack to a caged or an entire data center floor, DC CSL build solutions that meet your needs and grows with your business. DC CSL provide total solution from design, project management, installation and cabling. Also with remote hands service that worth your IT budget.
Internet Network of Data Center CSL
Nine locations of Data Center CSL have been interconnected using Gigabit Ring. They are connecting to CSL-NIX (National Internet Exchange) which is inter-linked with National Internet providers: True, TOT, CAT, SBN(AIS), Jastel, TCCT and also CSL-IIG (International Internet Gateway). With the Fully Redundant design, Data Center CSL has connected to 9 Upstream Providers and more than 40 Peering partners.
Facility of Data Center CSL
  • Main and Redundant Electrical Power System
  • Air Conditioning System
  • Fire Protection System
  • Damage Protection from Flood or Water leakage
  • Security System
  • Monitoring System
  • Security System
  • Staging Area for Installation Preparation and Maintenance


1. CMBP: The Data Center is now available in Chiang Mai, the north of Thailand.
2. KEAN NAKORN: A purpose-built Data Center is in Khon Kean provided to connect with CLMV countries
3. TELLUS: A modular purpose-built Data Center is located on a large area in Pratum-tani to expand colocation provision.
4. SILLA: A big Data Center is located in industrial zone, the east of Thailand with complete infrastructure and high safety.
5. SING KHORN: The biggest Data Center in the south connects to center of technology through south of Thailand, Songkhla.
6. CSL BANGRAK: This Data Center is in CAT building, Bangrak on Charoen Krung Road
7. CSL CW: The Data Center is located in Central Business District of Bangkok within easy reach of transport near Thailand Cultural Centre MRT station.
8. THE CLOUD: A purpose-built Data Center, no any space for rental office in Bangkok, is on Ratchada-Rarm Intra Road connected with tollway.
9. SUVARNABHUMI: The Data Center for colocation service is near Suvarnabhumi international Airport for convenient access.