Cloud Server (Microsoft Azure Pack)

Cloud Server (Microsoft Azure Pack)
AZCloud is the Cloud Infrastructure as a Service that is the combination of many servers in a virtualized from that is the best fit for organization that need flexibility, cost-saving and security. It is able to serve the business need at its speed and efficiency. System can be easily deployed and managed via application base on Microsoft Windows Azure Pack system through CS LOXINFO Data Center.
Saving Saving
Reduce cost of IT expenses with a monthly rental service instead of investing your own system and purchasing Microsoft license.
Secure Secure
Be awarded the ISO 27001 and ISO 20000 standard for security management.
Compatible Compatible
Be 100% compatible with Windows Platforms and other components, such as Windows Server or Windows Application.
Fast Fast
Access rapidly to data anywhere anytime through high performance network up to 10 Gbps bandwidth
Professional Professional
Well-trained technical support available on the phone 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Convenient Convenient
Be easy to manage through AZCloud Web Portal.
System Stability and Security
We realize that security of business information is critical and a primary concern for every organization. Accordingly, we are providing cloud infrastructure “AZCloud” that serves both stability and security for your business.
  • Stability for running Microsoft application on AZCloud which is operated on Microsoft Azure Operating System.
  • Reliable security with system infrastructure protected and safe in CS LOXINFO’s data center which is certified as compliance with ISO27001 standard for information security, provided 24×7 monitoring and operated by experts with 20 years of professional experience.
System Management and Dashboard
In today’s rapidly changing business environment, adapting to change will make an organization more agile. AZCloud helps managing information system resources be more flexible and easier with Microsoft Azure Management Portal that can access anywhere anytime, rapidly deploy and manage the system. Overview dashboard provides a summary of current usage which will be helpful for forecasting and planning capacity.
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