Cloud Firewall

New firewall service on CSL Cloud with high stability and international standard that helps you protect network from cyber-attack without investment on hardware and IT human resource. User can manage own policy on Cloud firewall like on-premise firewall. The user will be charged monthly for firewall on Cloud usage. The firewall including Palo and Fortinet could be customized and flexible for your enterprise.
Cloud Firewall
CSL Cloud firewall supporting operation on Cloud platform make you feel confident in data security and also supporting on Lease Line service that protect your network from cyber-attack.
CSL Cloud firewall :
  • Monthly charge without hardware investment and maintenance cost
  • Self-management
  • Full function of Next-Gen Firewall
  • Installation on CSL Cloud with international standard
Comparison between Cloud Firewall and Firewall Appliance
Cloud Firewall

Firewall Appliance
1. Dedicated Firewall  ✔  ✔
2. Configurable  ✔  ✔
3. Self-management  ✔  ✔
4. Self-report monitoring  ✔  ✔
5. Adjustable model and features of license  ✔ N/A
6. No hardware investment and maintenance cost  ✔ N/A
7. Traffic Log (Monitor Firewall traffic security manage and view log)  ✔
Extra charge
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