Backup as a Service

Cloud Backup by CSL
Cloud System and Backup with well-known Veeam license that is widely used in many organizations. Data backup helps increase more basic security on data protection in organization. Storing data in organization might has some limits such as big size storage and maintenance. That is better if necessary data could move to CSL backup. CSL with many years experience is ready for Backup service and giving advice that helps you be more confident about data backup.
Why Cloud Backup Is Important
  • Increased security of data protection
  • Automatic incremental data backup
  • Scalable size & controllable cost
  • Uncomplicated configuration
  • Less time and few IT administration resources needed
Benefits of Backup with CSL
  • Reliable and safety backup system (CSL Cloud environment) with high quality
  • Fast implementation and recovery
  • Scalable and customizable
  • High Storage efficiency
  • Easy to manage
  • Additional services from professional engineers
Cloud Backup by CS LOXINFO
Backup by CSL can be customized for your business with retention and backup period you required. Our backup is managed and supported by engineers with over 20 years experience for continuous operation into your business. CSL can design backup solution to suit with each business. For more information, please contact