To commemorate the occasion of His Majesty the King aged 80 years, the Company has fully recognized the importance of learning styles “access to understand the development”, which is important in youth development and the country. The Company has created programs to focus on promoting learning and disseminate useful information to correctly use Internet media, to Thai youth and parents in underserved communities. This will be the driving force that results in concrete action which leads to the continual sustainability of His Majesty’s Royal charity. The agenda on this auspicious occasion was to establish a project “80 years doing good things for our father”, at Ban Pa Miang. Ban Kha. Wat Ban Pong Chai, Lampang province with key aims to contribute to the commemoration on the occasion of the 80th Anniversary celebrations and enhance learning under the sufficiency economy philosophy. The focus was of knowledge, as a tool used to benefit individuals and the community. It provides a guide to use computers properly and resolve issues to check problems. These activities have two parts,
1. Providing IT knowledge

  • Equipment and function of each part of your computer.
  • Troubleshooting computers.
  • Lan Network connectivity such as the Lan.
  • Internet connection
2. The knowledge of the products and markets.

  • Word processing and consumer data storage.
  • Design and preparation of packaging
80 years doing good things for our father