1. VR Headset: Virtual technology is very popular making funnier and easier to your game and your life. It used with controller and monitor, is not expensive and has many brand.2. Cleaning Robot: Technology helps you clean your house with cleaning robot. It is more popular at house and office and has new model with collecting electric charge for saving energy.

3. Security Camera: Security camera was used with family for looking after child and elder. It can watch by application on you smartphone. People often choose to buy setting up at their house because easy function, setup and protect your house 24 hours.

4. Printer Instax: Taking photo with smartphone is well as using high quality camera. If you want to print your photo from your smartphone, you just put Instax’s film then you will get you photo easily. It has many brand to choosing with different property, resolution and printing’s speed.

5. Wireless headphone: Exercise trendy caused wireless headphone is more popular. It has both water resistor and daily life. Moreover, wireless headphone is launched with noise cancelling technology for your comfortable sleeping.

5 Gadgets which can be new-year present