3. The Internet of Everything (IoE) will take center stage
Continued from previous week, in 2017, the internet of things (IoT) and artificial intelligence played a stellar role in the tech community. While industry experts anticipate IoT will see its own growth, continuous innovations in real-time data analytics and cloud computing are set to push the internet of everything (IoE) to the fore in 2018. IoE relies on machine to machine communications, data, processes, and how humans communicate with everything in their environment. Cloud computing will play a significant role as the IoE develops into complex systems aimed at simplifying all interactions.
For humans, this means we will be able to interact intelligently with every device in a network—just like IoT. Even more intriguing, humans will be able to interact more easily in human-to-human communications. For example, Google’s Pixel Buds (which are expected to be released in late 2017) are a headset equipped with the ability to recognize and translate 40 languages in real-time for its user. IoE will also provide businesses with more insight into how consumers relate to their products or services, customer care units, and one another. This data can then be used in multiple ways, including simplifying customer experience through automation and the use of smart robots. Japanese hospitality robots, which are imbued with the ability to welcome guests, converse in real-time, and provide certain services, give a sneak peek into what IoE could accomplish in the near future.
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